Buddhist Statues

Buddhist Statues and Figures

Check out The Mindful Gift's collection of statues. From statues of the Buddha to depictions of bodhisattvas and mudras, we have quite a few options! Below are a few of our favorite statues, and you can visit our statue collection to see even more!

Why Buy a Buddha Statue?

A statue can make a great addition to an already existing altar in your home. You can place your statue in a place where you meditate, by your workspace to remind you of your meditation practice, or out in the open where you see it regularly.

These Buddhist statues also make great gifts. If you know someone who practices Buddhist meditation, they'll be sure to appreciate a beautiful statue to go in their home or office. The simple reminder of seeing the statue can help us return to the present moment.

One of the common views of "Buddhahood" is that we all have the seed of awakening within us. A statue helps remind us of our own potential for freedom. A statue of a bodhisattva may remind us of our potential to respond with compassion. The lotus pieces can serve as a reminder of our ability to climb out of the muck and blossom into something beautiful, using our difficulties to help our growth.

Statues of the Buddha

These are statues of the Buddha from varying traditions and depicting the Buddha in various ways. One of the beautiful parts about having a Buddha statue is that each one is unique to where it comes from and how the Buddha is viewed in that culture.

Other Buddhist Statues

These are Buddhist statues that depict things other than the Buddha. Contrary to popular belief, the larger person often called the Buddha is actually Maitreya, a Chinese folkloric deity.

The statues with many arms and hands are Avalokitesvara, or Guanyin, the bodhisattva of compassion. These pieces are all related to meditation and spiritual practice, but don't actually depict Siddhartha.